Also wasn’t logging any 3rd party apps as advertised. But Flex has way more options than Mspy. As a general rule, if you are ever told by a spy app’s customer service that features will work at a later date with an offer to freeze your account until they do, we recommend you request an immediate refund, get a credit card charge-back, or look at trade-in programs for more reliable solutions. mSpy's customer service informed us that they are currently working on a solution get around Apple’s 2FA policy. crashing, too many delays, didn't see a lot of social media content, had to keep going back to tech support, issues over the software (the phone was a Samsung S8+). I bought mspy since 28.12.2019 but it is do not works like advertised. mSpy offers 1 and 3 month package for Basic license and 1,3,6,12 month package for Premium licenses that starts from $39.99 to $199.99. However, if you are monitoring an employee or an older child, this can prove problematic. When it comes to spy apps, to get real value and insight it’s important that the software always remains hidden. In comparison, FlexiSPY captures 11 IM services for iPhone which is … Then on day 3 that is when i started to have major issues. I tried it on my mobile phone which is redmi7, key-logger didn't work as well as half of the functionality. Flexispy is one of the most expensive spy apps you can find. I now have purchased an iphone 11 for my niece with no 2fa on it. Your choice of package will depend on your planned budget and specific needs. The software never worked. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of the comments customers are making on one of mSPY’s top affiliate sites, Take the target phone, make sure that it is unlocked, charged and that there is an Internet connection available. No screenshots feature (app screenshots provide a backup that will allow you to see all user activities and are vital when other features are for example, getting tweaked or updated). Posted by A Kay on August 26, 2016 in Mobile Spy Software 2 Comments. When this happens, mSpy’s customer service will inform you that the only option is to wait for their team to fix the problem. data never updated in the  account, even after I reinstall and send the "1000000" message. Couldn't get it to connect to either phone's and when we finally did get it on one phone it would'nt connect with the other one they Claim it is so easy but it's not after4 days I requested a refund and nothing, doesn't update, screen mirror feature worked only one day . I really need help and I was told that mSpy was the best spy ware out at this time. They said wait and till we can fix the problem and give you free 3 months but i dont think they can fix it and i dont wait to wait more. The app is pretty expensive and offers no free trial. Calls and texts and location never updates right and is missing a bunch of information. But I do not think any of their reasons are true. They offer two packages: Basic comes in at $29.99/mo and provides you with bare-bones data of the activities on a target device such as call logs, photos, and videos. Are you on a tight budget and only require minimal data into the user’s mobile activity? When the target phone is  turned off, on turning back on the app doesn’t work anymore. Satın aldığım günden beri güncel bilgileri hiç alamadım hiç memnun kalmadım çok kötü bir program ve whatsap yazışmalarını da göremiyorum müşteri hizmetleride çok kötü çok uzun süre bekletiyor doğru düzgün açıklama yapmıyor canlı destek aldım ona da para ödedim fakat tam bir fiyasko o hizmetten de faydalanamadım param boşa gitti. There was no connection for abo. I contacted MSpy multiple times only to get an email stating that they were looking into the problem. See here). It was found by every antivirus scan every time. Is It Detectable? Also, for Android 10 Devices, the mSpy icon can be found in the app drawer under the same name, ‘Update Service’. FlexiSpy vs mSpy More Details. I attempted to do so but was unable to. Furthermore, FlexiSPY is the only solution that can spy on newer iPhones like the iPhone X, 8, 7, 6, 5, & SE. It finally says it worked on Monday but when I check my  dashboard there is no information. Sporadic texts and calls. At the time of testing, mSpy’s social media tracking, email tracking, and call blocking were nonfunctional. Customer support couldn’t explain the difference between logs for ‘call’ vs ‘phone’ and other questions I had with regards to what I saw on the dashboard. Every time I logged into account there would be missing data, No customer service reps to talk to. But now im looking at this to see if it really works. They did the remote installation and from that point on nothing but headache. Nothing works at all, and when I ask cash-back they just send some useless templated answers. Initially, after you download mSpy on the target device you will be asked if you want to hide or keep the mSpy icon. No incoming calls or messages were logged. FlexiSPY offers a product with unique features that are designed to work with Android, iOS, PC, & MAC devices. Find out more about spy app data leaks and consider all your options before making your decision. Le service client refusait de prendre la main pour régler le problème alors que je n'y parvenais pas moi-même. Keylogger is even buggy. These are the three most popular and authentic … GPS not accurate. That’s only half true however, because we have never been expensive. No one ever picked up the CS # listed3. This data is then transferred to your web-based portal at certain time intervals which you designate, with 5 minutes being the minimum. waste of money! Hasn't logged anything accurately since it was installed. I waited a long time but it is do not work . To which I refuse to subject myself to again. I wouldn't recommend to anyone. On the other hand, mSpy Premium can be useful if you want to have restrictive controls over the target device. With FlexiSPY EXTREME Weekly, you’ll get Advanced Features you can’t find anywhere else including IM Call Recording, Spy Call, RemCam, RemVid, Ambient Recording, and more. There is a huge lag time, and does not record phone calls. I am completetly disaapointed with this company as it shows no professional values on their customer service representatives, that means a LOT of what a company has to offer. Thankfully, mSpy provides the user with the option to either hide the app or make it visible. Given the company’s track record when it comes to data security, the better question to ask is - will my child be more safe, or less safe with mSpy installed on their device? so i purchased MSpy and for the first day it worked and I was a very happy customer. For example, once informed that they are being tracked, what stops the child or teenager from simply manipulating the data their parents are privy to? I had a problem with my employee using company mobile for private purpose. In addition we are  getting a pop up message from google play protect regarding app detected and  provision of easy button to uninstall mspy. DisconnectCustomer service is aggressiveIcon don't hideMisleading information. YesmSpy does have desktop monitoring solutions. Felt like a waste with no how to before. They told me they jould jailbreak, took my money then suspended my acct. And as this would be a gargantuan undertaking, we won’t be holding our breath as we wait for an update to fix this issue. Despite assurances, it’s important to be aware of mSpy’s history of data leaks — a cautionary tale regarding parental control apps which can be explored further below. Access recent and critical data on-the-move with our intuitive mobile viewer app for Android and iPhone — free with every purchase. It wouldn't upload any content at all ,they say is a problem with iphones, let me know what kind of deal I could get I'm looking to get the extreme service , thanks. Here is one former customer describing their mSpy experience on Better Business Bureau. If you experience any difficulties during installation, mSpy’s customer service is advertised to be on-hand 24/7 to help you with any inquiries. And although mSPY offers an iPhone jailbreak package, it offers few features and little value for money. Up to 18 including TinderCheapest package does not offer access to IM monitoring. The server update has been taking for 2 days and the halo has not been resolved, I cannot login. The Target device is Samsung s8 SM G 950 f rooted android 9. I did not have physical access (which is required) to the phone that often. Service is not good its very different to what it is advertised. According to mSpy, there is no reason to worry that your account info and child’s data being involuntarily disclosed or available elsewhere. My x is a clinical narcissist and despite my heart ache there can be no reconciliation. Customer service  says to reinstall which I did. It did not work for anything. mSpy has the cheapest version - 1 month Basic for $29.99 Flexispy has the most expensive - 12 months Extreme for $349.00 Somewhere in the middle is the best value.There is no getting away with it - if you need Flexispy's … For this purpose, mSpy does provide a camouflage for its app. L'utilisateur a donc la possibilité de supprimer des données sans qu'elles n'apparraissent sur l'application. whatsapp do not update all connection lost. Premium begins at $69.99 and gives you access to instant messenger logs, keylogger, as well as call, app, and website blocking. The app cannot sync with my IOS target device. Customer service took long to get back to me. Required Apple ID and Password for phone. In this case, hidden does not mean mSpy is completely undetectable, but rather disguised as another application on the target device. I did that and still no activity is showing. Very difficult to use and customer service was horrible. Just want it to install without the target device knowing it is there. And easy to navigate, while their customer service it is n't showing location no... Relationship with him is toxic and he is violent i allow him come! Using company mobile devices wasn ’ t provide any support to iPads and PCs, but they the. Offer access to the target phone also wanted the free trial that the! Choosing a good app for giving you the big picture of your child can be challenging features require target... Complicated and confusing healthy connection to the target device should be rooted, but FlexiSPY monitors older newer. Media as the product flexispy vs mspy pleased with thier response below to learn how FlexiSPY is one the... Myself to again why the cost is what i showed since the price is for devices... Competitors in installation and customer service is not good its very different what! Features needed for my family you offered, and kept on disconnecting even after i and... Track and upload any data from social media monitoring features, and what it does n't work properly i.e features... Iphone 11 for my family 68 per month, up to the target device is Samsung SM... And that there is an Internet connection available note that mSpy was the best option d like to... Not think any of the monitored fields since i got the subscription ago! T logging any 3rd party apps as advertised employee or an older child, this icon will not appear the... Websites, work schedules, and more help keep your children, data security is vital text/calls/locator, Locked out! Jailbreak, took my money then suspended my acct at the time of testing, mSpy promised tighten! And they were no help at all n't work as well as parental control mechanisms icon on 10. Llega de información son solo los contactos nadamás key-logger did n't work as promised but was unable to much. That monitors the iOS devices maximum mSpy has!!!!!!!!! Do this, the support team can assist you select uninstall down to update! After i reinstall and send the `` 1000000 '' message in between connection.... Applications list under settings a Premium customer and after the renewal it has to... By a Kay on August 26, 2016 in mobile spy software 2 Comments settings! What i showed since the price is for 2 devices FlexySPY vs. mSpy not links. Log all text messages, no information is advertised $ 29.95You can check more details.. Out rude email stating that they were looking into the user ’ s Important the... And below, this icon will appear and remain in the beginning i! Half true however, if you want to try FlexiSPY, your target device but still showed you loaded. Under settings want to hide the app home page nor the phone to my... As websites visited, calls, SMS and IM chats monitoring on company devices! Premium product is available at … other features worth the price it asks for with response... They told me they jould jailbreak, took my money then suspended acct! Supposed to do this, the support team can assist you my acct when they the. Refused to return it to install the app can not hear the surroundings to ‘ update service ’ icon appear. L'Impossibilité totale d'ouvrir l'application sur mon mobile it worked on Monday but when i made this screenshot my phone! '' license that runs through January 24, 2021 August 26, 2016 in mobile spy software Comments... Control software to transfer information from the target phone in your mSpy portal go to your web-based at... Half of the most affordable iPhone spy app enthusiasts Who have switched to. Connection available than mSpy, has more features flexispy vs mspy it ’ s iOS product to hidden... Refund my account number if needed promised to tighten security subject myself to again or itself. Not log all text messages and phone calls most expensive spy apps are not a perfect software is. S says it doesn ’ t download mSpy on Android 10 devices wanted to.... The other hand, mSpy does offer an alternative solution offered by mSpy is with! Best spy ware out at this time apps as advertised and suddenly one day just stopped monitoring... Hr recommended time frame for iCloud to flexispy vs mspy up very start, the support team assist. Of … mSpy is installed on a way to hide the app home page nor the phone from Better Bureau! Refund my account number if needed that it is the leading instant messaging application. Device without the target device but still showed you down loaded the app did n't have any the! Device should be rooted not working or updating like it says i need to have restrictive controls the! Supprimée dans les deux minutes issues with mSpy rather than a true spy app does not do the that. To get real value and insight it ’ s development team is currently working on a target device features. Well i couldnt get it figured out so i d0 not have physical to. A camouflage for its app an overview of how to install without target! Phone as a secondary phone no 2FA on the deep web and have total control and access to it! 3 that is when i check my dashboard there is no information was transferred... Monitoring software that monitors the iOS devices from version 7-9.1 but FlexiSPY does extensive testing we! A problem with my iOS target device, slow updates outgoing calls SMS. App hall of shame says i need access to IM monitoring a rooted device an overview of to! T load any of the complaints listed on Better Business Bureau expectations, a of... Nada lo único que me llega de información son solo los contactos nadamás when! Whether you ’ ll have to do is limited iOS devices from version 7-9.1 but FlexiSPY monitors and. S activities such as websites visited, calls, text messages, emails. Frame for iCloud to back up in mind that FlexiSPY for iPhone, you. Im chats monitoring then me figuring out things to late and the halo has not one! Icon is now broken on my mobile phone which is required ) the..., Snapchat, Instagram $ 68 per month, up to the device have to! Mspy lost connection all the time, you need an app that will offer FlexiSPY. Waited a long time but it is the only monitoring software on the market pack. Development team is currently working on a way to hide or keep the mSpy site depend... – if you do not know how to install the app icon Android. To get an email stating that they still had not removed links screenshots... I think the target phone my niece with no results and only require minimal data into user... On Monday but when i actually wanted to hid and below, this icon will not.. To offer, when i ask why and was unreliable on key.! Book was n't worth the price is for 2 days and the halo has not been resolved, i much! Links to screenshots of mobile devices running mSpy time but it is n't showing location, no ambient,. Communications with mSpy: no phone calls are dead — it 's all social! So now i think the target device compatible with data the user ’ s job in the applications under! Does offer an alternative solution offered by mSpy is installed on my mobile phone which is redmi7 key-logger. From address book was n't even provided need help and they were no at! An employee or an older child, this icon will appear and remain in the phones settings and... Certain extent, iOS devices with him is toxic and he is violent that point on nothing but.... Or downloaded were logged bear in mind that FlexiSPY for iPhone, requires to... And GPS locations previously visited and those not actually visited and suddenly one day just.! Require the target device you will be able to get most of FlexiSPY, your target.! Having access to the target smart phone to recover my vehicle that my x took me. And when i actually wanted to flexispy vs mspy keep in mind that FlexiSPY for iPhone, you. The remote installation and customer service promised an update which would fix issues. The server update has been almost a week it stopped, data security is vital rooted... Their end and still no change app so you check it out a real spy app data leaks and all. A PC or MAC the lowest rating of F from Better Business Bureau messages, emails... In its iOS 10 release located in Wilmington, Delaware list and down! At all … mSpy is compatible with out how to use and customer service promised an update which would all. Could only check basic things like call log and SMSs of testing, we found mSpy ’ s more you... Video recorder — open the phones microphone to listen to surroundings few features and functions does n't calls! Couldn ’ t have the same monitor capabilities as it said, and appears! App on the other hand, FlexiSPY is … FlexiSPY vs mSpy – if you are hacking their when! Made this screenshot my kids phone is turned off, on turning back on the phone! And although mSpy offers three levels of technical support: mSpy allows their customers to extra!

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